The Empowered Yoga Teacher

How I Earned $170,600 Teaching Yoga Online

And How YOU Can Do it Too!

With decades of experience, Angelica has made 1.5 million teaching yoga, and 170K+ of that in online yoga courses. She is sharing…Everything YOU need… to LIVE YOUR DREAM!

The Empowered Yoga Teacher

How I Earned $170,600 Teaching Yoga Online

And How YOU Can Do it Too!

With decades of experience, Angelica has made 1.5 million teaching yoga, and 107K+ in online yoga courses. She is sharing…Everything YOU need… to LIVE YOUR DREAM!

As Seen In:

As Seen In:

Hi! I'm Angelica.

​I used to teach only in person yoga, but I saw everyone going online.

and I thought to myself... wow, I could really help A LOT MORE PEOPLE ONLINE.

But, self doubt crept in...

​I didn't think that could be me, because I'm older, not thin, and didn't know the tech.

How could someone like me create content on social media?

​Who would want to buy my online courses?

Well it turns out A LOT OF PEOPLE!

Over the years, I've been asked to share how I went from ZERO followers on social media to making a six figure income.

​It wasn't easy, I'm not going to lie to you.

​I worked hard.

​And if I can do it, anyone who applies themselves can do it.

I'm giving you ALL THE TOOLS I've used to create compelling content and online offers that are high quality, life changing, and incredible.

I create content I'm proud of.

​And I'm going to show you exactly how you can too, in just 7 weeks.

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The Empowered Yoga Teacher

A 7 Week Deep Dive into Creating a Life of Your Dreams!


This Seven Week Program will take you from zero social media to creating the online yoga empire of your dreams.

You are going to have to do some work of course!

7 Intensive Pre-Recorded Modules to Build Your Online Yoga Business (A $6,979 Value)

This comprehensive all in one course includes 7 easy-to-follow weekly online modules.

​You'll learn how to create landing pages, email automations, organic content on social media, how to create offers, build an online course, and so much more!

You'll have the flexibility to watch the videos over and over and implement what you've learned.

Every week, you'll receive new coursework and videos to build your online empire and your confidence.

Three Weekly Zoom Sessions with the Yogalebrity Team (A $2,037 VALUE)

Every week, you'll have the opportunity to meet with the team to take massive action and implement what you've learned to master new  techniques, share your progress, and you'll have the chance to ask questions or receive live feedback  specific to your individual goals.

This personalized support will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the techniques you're learning and how to apply them in your own teaching.

Virtual Community (Priceless)

You'll get access to a virtual supportive community of like-minded individuals right on your phone.

The training community is the perfect place to connect with peers, ask questions, and share your knowledge and experiences.

At the heart of the community is a desire to support and uplift one another.

Here, you'll find a welcoming and inclusive environment where you can be yourself, ask for help, and give back to others.

There's a place for you in this private community of yoga teachers with shared goals.

With group discussions, the ability to ask questions, and a place for you to share your own knowledge, you'll never feel alone on your journey.

PLUS, You’re ALSO Getting . . .

BONUS #1: Private Welcome Call (A $250 VALUE)

  • ​Share your dreams and goals.
  • Tailor this 7 Week experience to you and what you want to create.
  • Get the personalized touch you deserve.
  • TAKE ACTION, Immediately start building a life you love with people who GET YOU!

BONUS #2: Meta Ads Mastery (A $1997 VALUE)

  • ​Learn what you need to scale your business.
  • Never be stagnate.
  • Get support in one of the most difficult parts of building an online business.
  • Gain access to the secrets that actually make online yoga teachers six figures.

BONUS #3: 100 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (A $997 VALUE)

  • ​Knock out all your yoga alliance CEU for three years.
  • Gain information that will actually help you teach MORE yoga.
  • Get continuing education that will make a massive impact on your life.

 Total Value: $12,260

All of this is Yours Today For Only


Or 2 Payments of $598

The Empowered Yoga Teacher

Build Your Online Empire in Just 7 Weeks!!!

 Week One the Welcome Week

In the first week, your one-on-one welcome call will give us insight into your ambitions, get us on the same page, and help you design offers that exceed your wildest goals.

Starts Upon Enrollment!!!

 Week Two

Get crystal clear on your dream customer and tailor your content to them. This way, you'll magnetize the clients who are a perfect match for you.

Week of June 30th

 Week Three

Immerse yourself in the strategies that make your content a must-watch. Build engaging, watchable content that reflects your passion and expertise.

Week of July 7th

 Week Four

Create and launch your first offer with ease, learn to create a basic landing page, and set up email automation to seamlessly deliver your offer to your target audience.

Week of July 14th

 Week Five

Step into true financial freedom. Design a premium yoga package to attract high-paying clients and expand your reach.

Week of July 21st

 Week Six

Develop a sales funnel that attracts your ideal yoga students by aligning with their deepest hopes and dreams, creating a perfect match.

Week of July 28th

 Week Seven: BONUS WEEK

When it's time to take your business to new heights, be equipped with the secrets to creating captivating ads and mastering Facebook and Instagram marketing.

Week of August 4th


Doors Closed to the Course on June 30th

Be the First to Know When the Doors Open!

This Online Course Counts as 100 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

What Are Others Are Already Saying About Training with Angelica

Elizabeth @risewellnow

Graduate RYT-200 Spring 2014, RYT-500 Fall 2020

"I can say very very honestly, that yoga certification with Angelica was at that time, and has remained one of the most impactful things I have ever done for my life.

If you are thinking about it, if you are on the fence, you really don't have anything to loose. Go for it. You really, really, really won't regret it."

Elyzabeth @elyzabethskapik

Graduate RYT-200 Spring 2016, RYT-500 Fall 2020

"During Angelica's training, I was able to meet myself in a deep profound way that was in alignment with the yogic traditions.

I was so blessed that I wanted to pass on the energy and I joined the training staff. I teach the anatomy portion in Angelica's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

I've learned that when Angelica has an idea, I just say yes to the opportunity!"

Chasen @privatekidsyoga

Graduate RYT-200 Summer 2018

"Learning how to teach yoga is one of the best ways to do something interesting with your life. It was truly special to learn from Angelica."

Mallory @malasanamal

Graduate RYT-200 Summer 2021

"Angelica helped me create and cultivate an authentic and real yoga business. Teaching Yoga in person and online with a sustainable yoga business."

D'Mese @empowered_bymese

Graduate RYT-200 Spring 2022

"This training was unlike any other online yoga teacher training offered."

Abby @yogatravelerabby

Graduate RYT-300 Spring 2021

"Angelica taught me more than just yoga poses. She taught me the business of yoga."

Abbi @abbimayaa

Graduate RYT-200 Summer 2022

"As I went into my final class to teach, I realized that I had been set up with so many tools in this last ten weeks that teaching this final class was going to be a breeze."


Graduate RYT-300 Spring 2023

"I had taken another 200 hour yoga teacher training and did not feel like I got the tools that I needed. Angelica taught me more than I needed."

Lexi @healthydynamiclife

Graduate RYT-300 Summer 2022

"Before I took Angelica's training I didn't feel totally confident in what I was teaching. Boy, did she deliver!"


Graduate RYT-200 Spring 2022

"Angelica is always very responsive. She was always great at presenting everything from a supportive and helpful mindset. It was honestly an honor to take her course."


Graduate RYT-200 Summer 2022

"I highly recommend taking this course, it has completely changed my life and it will change yours too."


Graduate RYT-200 Fall 2022

"She's such an amazing teacher, she doesn't want to just sell you something. She wants to help you become an amazing yoga teacher."


Graduate RYT-200 Winter 2023

"As a wife, and a mother to four daughters, who didn't have the time or the resources to do an in person yoga teacher training. Angelica's online program gave me everything I need to feel confident to teach yoga."


Graduate RYT-200 Summer 2022

"It was more than just a yoga teacher training. This was affordable, inspiring, and gave me a deep understanding of yoga. It really has been life changing."


Graduate RYT-200 Winter 2023

"I have learned so much! If you are interested in yoga, Angelica is going to teach you the right way to do it."


Graduate RYT-200 Summer 2023

"You have to be committed to Angelica because she is committed to you. You have to be committed to yourself. I'm confident. I know I will succeed. I never thought I could ever feel this way."