Las Vegas Yogis!​

The Best Yoga Teacher Training in Las Vegas is Back

Are You Ready to Live Your Dream while Changing the World?

Watch Below For The Next Steps

Las Vegas Yogis!​

The Best Yoga Teacher Training in Las Vegas is Back

Are You Ready to Live Your Dream while Changing the World?

Watch Below For The Next Steps

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Class Starts Monday, March 3rd, 2025

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What You'll Get from Your Las Vegas Yoga Teacher Training:

Teaching Techniques and Practice

Master the art of teaching traditional yoga poses. Learn to sequence yoga classes so you can craft profound classes that safely guide students to new heights of wellness.

Unveil the secrets of the subtle body as you explore the effects of breath control, and integrate the profound layers of koshas, kleshas, and chakras.

Ground your practice in tradition with key meditation methods, supported by chanting and mudras, ensuring you not only teach yoga, but live it every day.

Yoga Humanities

In this Las Vegas Yoga Instructor Course you'll journey from ancient texts to modern practices.

Deepen your understanding of yoga's rich philosophy, exploring the profound relationship between asana, pranayama, and meditation, and develop a personal connection to major yogic texts like the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita.

Your yoga training course goes beyond the mat, emphasizing the ethical foundations of yoga practice as outlined by Yoga Alliance, including scope of practice, code of conduct, and equity principles.

You'll engage in self-reflection to truly integrate yoga’s ethical dimensions into your practice and teaching, preparing you to lead with integrity and insight.

Anatomy & Physiology

Unlock the secrets of the human body with this premier 200-hour yoga teacher training.

Delve into the skeletal system, learning about major bones, joints, and muscle contractions that empower yoga practice.

Enhance your yoga teaching skills with deep knowledge of physiology, from the fight-flight-freeze responses and vagal theory to the intricate ways yoga impacts the cardiovascular, endocrine, and digestive systems.

The yoga teacher training curriculum also covers biomechanics, ensuring you understand joint movements, stabilization, and how to guide students through safe, aware practices that respect physical limitations and prevent injury. 

Professional Essentials

Dive into professional development that covers everything from understanding not just how to teach yoga but WHERE to teach yoga, and how to make a living as a yoga instructor.

Embrace a lifetime of learning. This yoga teacher training program emphasizes the importance of general professionalism—timeliness, consistency, cleanliness—and equips you with essential business skills in marketing, promotion, and the practicalities of liability insurance and invoicing.

Through our practicum, gain hands-on experience across 12 key competencies, benefiting from mentorship, apprenticeships, and invaluable feedback, preparing you to thrive as a knowledgeable and skilled yoga teacher.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Las Vegas, Nevada

Who is this Yoga Teacher Training for?

Deciding to enroll in Yoga Teacher Training is an important step in your life.

It is an exploration into the self and how you can serve your community through the science of yoga.

It is ESSENTIAL that you choose wisely!

​This course is great for:

  • ​Aspiring Yoga Teachers: People who want to teach yoga.
  • Yoga StudentsPeople who want to deepen their practice and learn more about yoga.
  • Empire Builders: People who want to change the world through the practice of yoga and actually make a good living doing what YOU LOVE!


What Past Yoga Teacher Training Las Vegas Graduates are saying

"I have never felt so happy and connected with myself."

Nobody could have every prepared me for how magnificent and life changing this teacher training journey was.

I was mind blown when we touched on the sutras, chakras and yoga philosophy.

I also loved the fact that it was very traditional to western yogic culture and all of our teachers had the best of intentions of setting us up for success once we graduated.

I have never felt so happy and connected with myself and I would HIGHLY recommend this training to anyone who is looking for growth in all areas of life, physical, spiritual, and mental.

So incredibly grateful for this experience!


"You will walk out of the training knowing how to teach yoga and so much more."

This was an amazing 200 hr training! I loved the intensive format; it really made it a transformational experience for my life.

The program is very well-rounded and inspiring. I feel like I got a comprehensive and thorough introduction to yoga and yoga teaching.

I feel confident I am able to teach yoga. You will walk out of the training knowing how to teach yoga and so much more!


"This training is the stepping stone to a life filled with peace, love and happiness that we all so desperately search for."

Words cannot describe how lucky and appreciative I am to have received this yoga teacher training in Las Vegas. The entire experience exceeded my expectations.

What an honor and pleasure it was to have been surrounded by such beautiful souls.

From beginning to end, I felt loved and supported.

Throughout the course, I was challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone.

I didn't realize I could learn and grow so much within 10 short weeks.

I 100% recommend this training!

The perspective and confidence you gain is unlike any other!

You won't finish this course and simply forget all of the information.

Instead, you will continue to learn and apply all these lessons throughout your life.

This training is the stepping stone to a life filled with peace, love and happiness that we all so desperately search for.

- Randii

"I have become not only a better yoga teacher, but also a better person."

This 200 hour teacher training program changed my life. The amount of detail and time that went into creating this program really shines through. The in-depth study of not only the yoga poses, but also the philosophy behind it, chakras, anatomy, and human connection.

Class is always filled with a sense of family, love, and safety. I felt comfortable to speak my opinion and have healthy, detailed conversation about the sutras, and how to really effectively explain poses.

We had the opportunity to teach each other. I have become not only a better yoga teacher, but also a better person.

I am so grateful to have the experience I did, and to have this amazing wealth of new knowledge and confidence. I would highly recommend this training to anyone and everyone!


"I feel very prepared to teach."

The instructors invest a great deal of time and energy into their programming. This journey was much more than I ever expected. I feel very prepared to teach on my own. I am also very motivated to continue on my spiritual journey as well as my educational journey. This experience was invaluable.


"I am prepared to start teaching as soon as I walk out the door."

This training was structured in such a great way that it not only focused on being a well rounded yogi but also made sure that I am prepared to start teaching as soon as I walk out the door!

I am so thankful for this training.



Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Training in Las Vegas March 2025 - May 2025

Angelica Govaert, E-RYT 1000, BA, YA-CEP

Yoga Teacher Training Expert

Angelica Govaert is a highly experienced yoga teacher with a dedication to yoga spanning nearly 40 years. She began practicing yoga at the age of 11 and has dedicated her life to studying and teaching various yoga disciplines.

Angelica holds certifications in Ashtanga, Pre-Natal, Advanced Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin Yoga, AcroYoga, and Reiki, among others.

She is the owner of Satayasvapana Yoga and the former owner of Sin City Yoga in Las Vegas, NV.

Through her online platforms Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and her podcast all called "Yogalebrity," she offers daily free yoga teacher tips and classes. She conducts private one on one online yoga teacher training courses.

She is known for her exemplary work ethic and her "every body is welcome" approach to yoga.

​1,567+ people have graduated from Angelica's Yoga Teacher Training Courses and over 50,000 people have attended a yoga class with her.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Will I Be Able to Teach Yoga?

Yes! You will be a Certified Yoga Instructor after this Las Vegas 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. You will be able to register with Yoga Alliance. You will be able to Teach Anywhere in the World.

 Can I make a living as a Yoga Instructor?

The short answer is Yes. Angelica herself has made over a million dollars teaching yoga in the past twenty years. She has graduated 1,579 people from yoga teacher training virtually, and in-person in Las Vegas, Thailand, and Costa Rica.

Over 30 of Angelica's yoga teacher training students have gone on to open their own yoga studios. Many more host retreats, run corporate yoga businesses, teach yoga online, work for schools, and so many more yoga revenue streams... but we'll cover that in-depth during training.

​The Long Answer is... individual results will vary, and you will have to work VERY HARD to be the best of the best. If you don't mind a little bit of hard work and you are willing to believe in yourself, anything you can dream, you can do!

 Is this virtual or in-person?

This is an in-person Yoga Teacher Training in Las Vegas. The exact location will be announced closer to the start date.

For online yoga teacher training with Angelica @yogalebrity click here

 When does the Yoga Training start?

We start Monday March 3rd, 2024.

​The course runs for 10 Weeks.

​You will meet Mondays 6:30pm-9:30pm
​Wednesdays 6:30pm-9:30pm
​Sundays 9:30am to 5:30pm

 What is the Tuition?

Register by June 30th, 2024 and SAVE BIG!

Secure your spot with just a $500 non-refundable deposit applied toward your total tuition of $4,197.

Pay in full when you register and enjoy a special price of $3,997—save $200 instantly!

After June 30th, tuition increases to $4,997 with deposit and payments or $4,797 pay in full discount.

This Las Vegas 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is 100% Yoga Alliance Approved since 2005.